Series 02: Voltron
In the beginning, a comet composed of trans-dimensional properties crashed on planet Dinobazaal, creating an interdimensional rift into another reality. King Dino brought the comet back to Gaia, where he began experimenting on it in his lab, creating five robotic ships in the form of lions. Each Dino-Lion embodies one of five elemental forces: water, land, fire, sky, and forest.

Series 02: Voltron

  • Listing is for 1 Limited Edition Soft Enamel Pin


    This is an original design that you won't find anywhere else


    Pin is small and measures 30mm with Black Dye Plating


    Pins are shipped with backing card, black rubber clutch, and cello bag


    We have a limited number of pins available, so act fast before they become extinct!