This is your big chance to protect and defend the Pin Planet.You are the commander of the Missile Barrage Mech Robot.The enemy is attacking with a series of interplanetary ballisticmissile waves. You’ll have to be quick to move Missile Barragefrom city to city. This will test your pin game and coordination as you take charge to stop enemy fire and save the Pin Planet.


Missile Barrage is also available at MikeDie if sold out here.

Missile Barrage is also available at My Plastic Heart if sold out here.


MikeDie Collab: Missile Barrage / Artic Squadron

  • Listing is for 1 Limited Edition Soft Enamel Pin


    This is an original design that you won't find anywhere else


    Pins are shipped with backing card, metal clutch, and cello bag


    We have a limited number of pins available, so act fast before they become extinct!


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